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Getting old now is no longer what it used to be 50 or even 20 years ago. Along with rising life expectancy, more and more older citizens feel they still have a lot to give and to experience even after they have reached an advanced age.

Although this should be regarded and celebrated as a major scientific and social achievement, a lot has to be done at all levels to enable everyone to enjoy life at all ages and make the best of one’s potential for the benefit of all.

 2012 is the European Year for
Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (EY2012)

This European Year offers the opportunity to mobilize all actors and resources to find innovative solutions to address the demographic challenge and create an age-friendly environment allowing all citizens to lead more active and independent lives for longer.

This EU Year is an important achievement for AGE, which has been actively campaigning for several years now to promote the Year and a comprehensive approach of the concept of active ageing within a growing coalition of stakeholders (EY2012 coalition).

We hope this section will help you better understand the importance and the objectives of the Year, the meaning of active ageing, our expectations and what you can do to contribute.

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