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Self Neglect: An Irish Context

Date: Tuesday, 2nd October, 2012

Venue: Room B107/108, UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems


Seminar: "Self Neglect" Ms. Mary Rose Day from NCPOP on Vimeo.


Ms. Mary Rose Day


The concept of Self Neglect is complex and poorly conceptualized and much ambiguity is associated with the social construction of self-neglect. Self Neglect is categorised as elder abuse in many states in the United States (US). Conversely Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom (UK) and Australia do not categorise self-neglect as part of abuse as it does not happen within a relationship of trust. This presentation reports and discusses findings on Self-Neglect from an Irish Context. The implications for policy and practice are considered.


Speaker Biography:

Mary Rose Day is a College Lecturer in the Catherine McAuley School of Nursing & Midwifery in University College Cork and co-ordinates the Postgraduate Certificate of Nursing in the Community and also teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She has over 20 years’ experience as a nurse across a range of service settings including the community as a Public Health Nurse. She is involved in postgraduate interdisciplinary training on elder abuse and self-neglect in partnership with the School of Social Work in UCC and the Senior Case Worker from the HSE.  Her research interests include self-neglect, older adults, community/public health nursing, family carers, life story work, discharge planning and bladder health. She is currently completing her Doctoral in Nursing Practice on Self-Neglect.


Ms. Pauline Glavin


Self neglect, as a concept is hard to define in any inclusive way for the benefit of the client as it is often misinterpreted as purely a choice, a misuse of alcohol, a mental health issue, or simply as being too lazy. We need to respectfully look at the layers that informed that choice, if it is possible. It is a judgement laden concept, the practitioner needs to be seen to be doing the right thing - the right thing as judged by our training, our experience and our own values, by family members,  politicains and society, without due regard and respect for the individual,  their life story, their choices, their involvement and their self determination.


Speaker Biography:

Pauline Glavin is the Senior Social Worker for the Protection of Older People Services in the North Lee area of Cork.  She is employed since 2007 when Ireland acted on the recommendations of Protecting Our Future and introduced social workers in the area of Elder Abuse. She qualified in Social Work in the '80's in Scotland where she worked as a generic social worker with a special interest in older people, a child protection social worker with a weighted case load of children and young people with disabilities. Pauline also lectured in Higher and Further Education prior to returning to Ireland to work with the HSE initally and moving to the Voluntary sector as a senior in the area of Intellectual Disabilities. Pauline has been involved at UCC, with the introducion of a joint teaching venture where Masters in Social Work Students and Post Graduate Public Health Nurse students undertake modules with an emphasis on Elder Abuse and Self Neglect.