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NCPOP Research Reports

Click on the report images below to access the NCPOP research reports, fact files and presentations:


Research Studies



The Older Adult Finacial Exploitation Measure: A Pilot Study to Test its Appropriateness in and Irish Context

5th December 2014








The Elder Abuse Suspicion Index: A Pilot Study to Test its Reliability in an Irish Context         

5th December 2014

An Evaluation of the HSE National Training Programme in Preventing Elder Abuse- 12th September 2014


Family Carers of Older People: Results from a National Survey of Stress, Coping and Conflict - 12th June 2014

Older People in Residential Care Settings - 6th December 2012


Older People's experience of Mistreatment and Abuse - 14th June 2012

Managing Elder Abuse in Ireland: The Senior Case Workers Experience - 26th April 2012


Abuse and Neglect of Older People in Ireland - 8th November 2010

Examining Newspaper Reports of Care in an Irish Nursing Home: A Discursive Analysis -1st November 2009


Constructing Ageing and Age Identity: A Case Study of Newspaper Discourses -  27th April 2010







Interventions and Services which Address Elder Abuse: An Integrated Review - 18th June 2015



Non-compliance with Residential Care Standards: Towards a Risk-management Framework for Preventing Elder Mistreatment - 18th June 2015

Abuse of Older People with Dementia -13th June 2013


Financial Abuse of Older People: A Review - 14th June 2012

Review of Elder Abuse Screening Tools for use in the Irish Context - 26th April 2012


Public Perceptions of Elder Abuse: A literature review - 2nd November 2012

Protecting Older People: An Overview of Selected International Literature - January 2011


Public Perceptions of Older People and Ageing: A literature review - 27th April 2010

Elder Abuse & Legislation in Ireland - 3rd November 2009